Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mild (Unfiltered)
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Estate bottled in Southern Spain and single sourced from the Hojiblanca or “white leaf” olive (which isn’t really white) this Mild oil is made via traditional, cold pressed methods. The olive is left on the tree until ripe and then the tree branches are beaten with sticks until the olive falls into gathering cloths below. This particular oil is also unfiltered, with small olive particles left to settle in the bottle, enhancing flavor and taste. Shipped directly to us from the estate in Andalusia, Spain and certified organic by Certified organic by Andalusian Committee of Organic Farming, the EU and USDA.
Taste and Pairing
This is our Mild oil. Presenting sweet overtones, this oil is fruity on nose and palette with grassy aroma and a light, peppery finish. The Mild pairs up well with fried foods such as fish and cutlets and is ideal for pastries and baking. Shelf life: two years from production date. Storage: cool, dark and dry place. Do not refrigerate.
Olive oil has been cultivated in the Mediterranean basin for about six thousand years. Called "Liquid Gold" olive oil has been a part of healthy diet in the past and is growing in popularity today. Today’s scientific examinations tell us of benefits such as cancer and heart disease prevention, helping control blood pressure, improving bone mineralization and calcification and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes among others. Studies show that olive oil is a natural polyphenol, a class of antioxidants similar to that found in red wine and green tea. Olive oil is rich in monosaturated fats, and does not contain cholesterol; in fact, the monosaturated fat reduces the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and raises the levels of good HDL cholesterol. Olive oil is also beneficial in prevention of colon cancer.

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