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Zucchini, also known as “Summer Squash,” does not store well past the summer season. This is where our organic dried Zucchini comes in. From the Granada region in southern Spain, left on the plant until fully ripened and mature, this healthy veggie is picked, washed, sliced and air dried within hours of harvest. Our drying process does not use salt, preservatives, colorants or chemicals. We also do not use liquid paraffin or sulfur dioxide and it takes 21 kilos of freshly picked zucchini to make one kilo of dried zucchini. Certified organic by Andalusian Committee of Organic Farming, the EU and USDA.
Taste and Pairing
To rehydrate, place the zucchini in boiling water for two to four minutes. Toss the slices directly in salads, sauce, as seasoning and in stews. Perfect for a wholesome winter ratatouille. Shelf life: two years from production date. Storage: place in cool and dry place, do not refrigerate.
Like all squash family of plants, Zucchini originated in Central America. Known to the local inhabitants as one of the “Three Sisters” plants, zucchini’s pre-courser along with beans and corn, formed a staple diet. Brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus, the zucchini we know and love today was first developed somewhere around the end of 19th century in the Tuscany region of Italy. From there, it spread across the world and today, zucchini and its varieties are cultivated in most temperate climates locations. While not studied as in depth as other vegetables, Zucchini offers many health benefits, such as being an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory carotenoids to prevent cancer inducing oxidation.

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