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Grown naturally in Andalucía, Spain, these organic tomatoes are hand-picked at peak ripeness, cut in half and then dried in a traditional way without adding salt, preservatives, colorants or chemicals. The drying happens right after the harvest, without the use of liquid paraffin or sulfur dioxide. Sourced from small and medium growers, it takes 17 pounds of fresh tomatoes to make one pound of dry tomatoes. Certified organic by Andalusian Committee of Organic Farming, the EU and USDA.
Taste and Pairing
To rehydrate, place the dried tomatoes in boiling water for two to four minutes. Alternatively, soak in cold water for two hours. These delicious tomatoes may be used directly in salads, sauce, as seasoning and in stews. Shelf life: two years from production date. Storage: place in cool and dry place, do not refrigerate.
While a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet, the tomatoes arrived in Europe in the 1500’s from South America. There, the precursor to today’s tomato was first cultivated in what is now Mexico most likely by the ancient Aztecs as far back as 500 BCE. It spread with the Spanish Empire and was incorporated into the cuisine in the late 17th century. Sun-dried tomatoes were originally developed so that they can be used during winter months when fresh tomatoes were not available.

Lycopene is a form of antioxidant present in tomatoes. Research links tomatoes to heart health, prevention of prostate and breast cancer. An excellent source of vitamins C and A as well as vitamin K important in bone health.

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