Dried Goldenberries
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Organic Goldenberries, air dried to preserve quality and taste. Our drying process does not use salt, preservatives, colorants or chemicals. We also do not use liquid paraffin or sulfur dioxide. It takes 20 kilos of fresh goldenberries to make one kilo of dried product. Certified organic by Andalusian Committee of Organic Farming, the EU and USDA.
Taste and Pairing
Excellent snack for hiking, may be eaten directly, or added to cereals, yogurts, fruit salads. Works well as an ingredient in pies. Can be used to make jams and preservers. Shelf life: twelve months from production date. Storage: place in cool and dry place, do not refrigerate.
Originating in South America, Physalis peruviana is also known as Inca berry or Aztec berry among other names. It is also not a berry, but a fruit more closely related to tomato and eggplant rather than blueberries or raspberries. The fruit itself is protected by a papery husk, which once removed reveals a marble-sized, tomato-like orb. Found in high-altitude tropical areas of South America in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, the Goldenberry is now being grown in a limited belt of areas with tropical-like weather conditions.

Goldenberry is an ancient fruit which is just now coming under scientific analysis. Science confirms ancient folk wisdom that this is a superfood, a medicinal fruit which has been used to aid in treating cancer, leukemia, malaria and rheumatism among other conditions. Goldenberries contain polyphenos and carotenoids which aid in fighting inflammation, possessing vital anti-oxidant properties. The fruit is extremely high in protein, vital to replenishing the body's building blocks. Goldenberries are also an excellent source of Phosphorous, a mineral vital for strong teeth and bones, Vitamins A, B, and C which our bodies use as antioxidants to fight free radicals and boosting metabolism. Goldenberries are packed full of Bioflavonoids which possess anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

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