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From the Granada region in southern Spain, comes the organic dried Eggplant. Left on the plant until fully ripened and mature, at peak flavor and mineral content, the fruit is picked, washed, sliced and air dried within hours of harvest. Our drying process does not use salt, preservatives, colorants or chemicals. We also do not use liquid paraffin or sulfur dioxide. Certified organic by Andalusian Committee of Organic Farming, the EU and USDA.
Taste and Pairing
To rehydrate, place the eggplant in boiling water for two to four minutes. Toss the slices directly in salads, sauce, as seasoning and in stews, such as ratatouille. Shelf life: two years from production date. Storage: place in cool and dry place, do not refrigerate.
The eggplant, also known as aubergine, is a close relative of the tomato. The plant originated on the Indian subcontinent. It arrived in Western Europe around the 16th century. Prized over the centuries for its unusual deep purple color and glossy appearance, eggplant today is a well know and nutritious addition to a healthy diet. Full of beneficial fiber, eggplant contains antioxidants called nasunin which target free radicals in brain cells membranes. This is brain food at its natural best. In addition, laboratory test show bad cholesterol levels are reduced and an improvement in structure of blood vessels follows use of eggplant juice.

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