Sistema Organa is about turning back the clock to the days when food was grown naturally, using nothing but organic methods. It is about today and joining the centuries old knowledge of farmers with what science is now confirming and verifying. It is about the future and what we eat and the world we are building for our children.

Sistema Organa is about creating a system of organic products all of which are aimed at improving your health and longevity, while being environmentally conscious, treating our farmers as partners and customers as family.

Our philosophy is to carefully select products based on their well known, historical health benefits, analyzing the farming methods to make sure they meet our Organically Grown guidelines and verifying the health benefits in a scientifically quantifiable manner.

Our products come from small, independent growers from all over the world. We strive to find the finest farmers and go out of our way to assure quality over quantity. You may not always be able to obtain our products, as naturally grown food depends on weather and good harvests. Our products are often hand crafted in small batches and packaged locally at the farms just after the harvest at the peak of ripeness, as mother nature intended.

Our packaging is environmentally conscious and uses the latest in scientific advances to assure quality. We do not use harsh chemicals to process what was grown and as a consequence our products have limited shelf life.

You can find our products on the shelves of carefully chosen, high quality grocers and in our website store. Also on our site, you can find detailed product descriptions as well as profiles of our farmers, latest scientific research, recipes and much more.

We welcome you to Sistema Organa and look forward to serving your needs.